C--Thursday of 12th Week of OT

Prayer and Action Need a Common Point to Meet

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of heaven,” the Lord Jesus said to his disciples, “but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.” So, what is his Father’s will? How do we do the will of his Father?

Jesus once said that he is in his Father and his Father is in him. So, whoever sees him, see the Father, or whoever does his will is he or she does the will of his Father. So, the will of his Father is the will of the Son who is the Lord Jesus Christ. What is the Son’s will if it’s not what he invites us do reported in today’s Gospel that we need to act on our prayer, not just praying with our lips only? So, whatever prayer that we present to the Lord, we ought to ask ourselves, am I able to carry out into action what I present to the Lord? The words that Bishop reminds me at my Diaconate Ordination saying while handing me the Book of the Bible, “Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach.” This always reminds me to practice what I preach or say, and not just preach or say without being able to carry out into action. So, not just pray and move our lips all day long in prayers that gives us a ticket to enter the Kingdom of heaven, but it is to live our life with our prayers.

A monk has a habit to wake up early in the morning to pray and to meditate before he begins his day. One day, he forgets to wake up, so Satan comes to wake him up to say his prayer and do his meditation. The monk surprises and asks why, and Satan just smiles at him and says nothing. The monk then reverently traces the sign of the cross on him and demands Satan to give him an answer, so Satan says: I have observed and seen that the days that you said your morning-prayer and meditation, you felt self-satisfied and put down your guard, and I could get you to sin easily. The days that you forgot to pray and to do your meditation in the morning, you raised your high alert and guarded not to sin. These days, I found myself difficult to get you to sin.

How is our spiritual life here on earth? Have you and I tried to live our spiritual life by practicing on what we pray each day? Or our spiritual life is divided into two parallel line that never meets: One represents our prayer life, and the other represents our daily action. In order for them to meet each other, don’t they have to have something in common? Decision is yours.


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