C--Friday of 12th Week of Ordinary—Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

A Lost Sheep or A Good Shepherd?

In his book, The Heart of the Enlightened by Anthony de Mello, S.J., he told a story of a priest was walking down a street when he saw a little boy jumping up and down trying to ring a door bell. The poor kid was too small and the bell was too high. So the priest went up and rang the bell for the little fellow. Then, turning to the kid with a smile, he asked, “What do we do now?” The little fellow said, “Run like hell.”

Today, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also a World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests. We are reminded that a good shepherd is the one who goes and looks for the lost sheep. Who would be considered as a lost sheep, and how would we bring the lost sheep back to the fold?

In a consuming society where everybody seems so busy, attractive with many things, and worry with so many things. Some are hooked into the beauty of female that forgets the Creator of the human race. Others just dive into work and work to build a beautiful house and to save a lot of money for retirement. Luke reminds us the teaching of Jesus saying, “You fool, this night your life will be demanded of you; and the things you have prepared, to whom will they belong?” still others worry too much about life that might lose sleep, depressed, and developed all kinds of illness and sickness and then complain that God is absent in their lives. Once again, Luke reports the teaching of Jesus in his writing saying, “Can any of you by worrying add a moment to your life span? Instead, seek his kingdom, and these other things will be given you besides.” Have you and I ever seen ourselves as a lost sheep? What would be considered as a lost sheep for you?

Just as the Good Shepherd who left his 99 and went to search for a lost sheep, we are invited to be a good shepherd to one another to encourage one another to turn away from idol worshipping, to turn away from mistreating one another, and to turn away from ignoring the presence of God in our life and to seek for the kingdom of God in our life. Are you a good shepherd? Or are you a lost sheep? What would help you to belong a sheepfold? What would help you to become a good shepherd?


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